Meet The Chefs

Chef Thomas CASTELLON photo by D. ZafieropoulosMeet The Chefs

Thomas Castellon
Executive Chef

Thomas began cooking at age 17 and soon thereafter turned a job into a life’s pursuit. He gained his early experience in South Florida country clubs and catering kitchens. At age 28, Thomas moved to New York City to learn from the chefs and restaurateurs who would take his career to another level. During almost four years with Chef Jonathan Benno at Lincoln, Thomas worked at every station, eventually being promoted to Sous Chef. To this day, he considers Benno his greatest mentor, above all for teaching him to see the big picture of a restaurant in all its details, beyond the scope of the kitchen. Thomas also honed his craft at Maialino, Rouge Tomate and later at Café Boulud where he worked as Sous Chef, before becoming Executive Chef at Rotisserie Georgette in September 2018.Today he delights in mastering the open flames of the rotisseries, resplendent with whole roasted fish, meats and a myriad of birds, each with its own carefully prepared jus. Yet he delights just as much in the bounty of his seasonal vegetables from summer tomatoes and corn to fall greens, winter squash and springtime asparagus or baby peas.  What inspires his cooking? “Classics, well executed, sometimes elevated, sometimes simplified’” explains Thomas Castellon, who looks forward to meeting you across the counter of the open kitchen at Rotisserie Georgette.

Q&A with Chef Thomas Castellon